We, scholars in Food Science and Technology having realized that we have a common professional experience and knowledge and having recognized the need to consolidate ourselves into a progressive association do believe that by coming together we shall be affording ourselves better means of recognition and more importantly contributing to knowledge and help solve issues relating to food security in Africa.

We are of the view that, food-related problems encountered on the continent, can be solved by developing a system under which there is effective cooperation and consultation among food scientists and technologists. We therefore agree to establish a society to achieve our aim and objectives, to act always in the general interest of individual members, in accordance with our shared policy, and to acclimatize our practice to our requirements in whatever ways that may be considered beneficial and desirable, within the spirit of the African Union.

Aims & Objective

The society is a non-profit organization for Food Science and Technology professionals.
It is aimed at providing professional support to programmes, projects, governments and non-governmental organizations to promote the safety, supply and security of food on the Africa continent.
The objectives of the Society are to:

  • Promote the cause of Food Science and Technology.
  • Advance the professional competence of food scientists and technologists.
  • Offer professional communication through research, technical publications and scientific meetings.
  • Encourage education and training at all levels in various fields of food science and technology.
  • Offer a forum for discussion to generate relations with research centers, private sectors, universities and students by arranging different conferences, seminars, workshops and symposiums on up-to-date knowledge in food science and technology on the continent and the world at large.
  • Facilitate collaboration in any other ways agreed by members to advance our common research and developmental interests.
  • Form an international Peer Review journal (International Journal of Innovative Food Science and Technology) through which research findings can be published for the scientific community.